Car Title Loans For Bad Credit

Car title loans for bad credit are secured using the title of your car. These car title loans uses a paid-off automobile as collateral. Typically, a car title loan payment is due within a month and carries a three digit annual interest rate, and usually is for an amount that is far less than the actual value of the car.

These car title loans are considered short term loans and should not be used as long term loans because of the high interest rate they come with. The average interest rate these car title lenders charge is around 300% annually.

It is easy to obtain car title loans with bad credit because it offers little risk to the lender because of the collateral used. There are many lenders on-line who offer these secure loans and we have listed some of them below. Beware of hidden fees that are sometimes involved in these loans.

Autopawn is one such lender that can give you a car title loan from $500 up to half the wholesale value of your car. Their interest rates start at 3% per month. To qualify you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid drivers license or ID, be employed or have a stable income, own a vehicle that is in good running condition,free of major body damage and is paid off or almost paid off. You can apply On-line at their website at for a instant decision in 30 seconds or you can call their office at (888)463-3322.

Wilshire Consumer Credit is another company that offers car title loans with bad credit in the states of Arizona, California, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and New Mexico. To qualify you must have a clear car title. You can apply On-line for a quick decision at or you can call them at (888)333-5645. If approved your first payment will be due 30 days after you receive your money.

A third company or broker called Rapid Car Loans also offers equity loans on your clear car title. You can still be eligible for a loan even if your car is still under bank financing. They claim 99% of applicants are approved and they accept all credit types. You can apply On-line to their network of 1000 plus lenders in all 50 states at for a decision in 48 hours.

You can apply with Chicago Car Title Loans which loans anywhere between $500 - $50,000 based on the value and equity in your vehicle. To qualify for a car title loan your vehicle must be paid off. You can apply by calling 708-867-3900 or visit their website at and fill out a application in under 2 minutes.

If you in need of short term cash and do not want to put your car up as collateral, it may be beneficial to you to apply for a payday loan instead. Other bad credit loan sources are friends or family, or seeking a cosigner for a lower interest bearing loan.

Car Title Loan Companies By State

Below we have compiled a state by state listing of car title loans companies. Find the appropriate state below to find out if there is a local lender in your area.

Alabama/Alaska/Arizona/Arkansas/California/Colorado/Connecticut/Delaware/District Of Columbia/Florida/Georgia/Hawaii/Idaho/Illinois/Indiana/Iowa/Kansas/Kentucky/Louisiana/
Nebraska/Nevada/New Hampshire/New Jersey/New Mexico/New York/North Carolina/North Dakota/Ohio/Oklahoma/Oregon/Pennsylvania/Rhode Island/South Carolina/South Dakota/Tennessee/Texas/Utah/Vermont/Virginia/Washington/West Virginia/Wisconsin/Wyoming

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